About me

I've been working with computers since a young age, starting with building personal computers alongside my father. After studying computer technology and Cisco Systems networking in college, I began my career doing ISP support and have since worked for major companies such as Dell, IBM, Intel, Nike, and Salesforce. My specialties include patience, customer service skills, and a vast knowledge of different systems. I never give up until a problem is solved, and if I don't know something, I'll do the research to find the answer. I take pride in providing reliable and professional tech repair and service to my community. 

Mission statement

"Our mission is to provide reliable and professional tech repair and service to our community, while upholding the values of honesty, timeliness, availability, and compassion. We strive to be a trusted partner for our customers, offering excellent value, speedy service, and ease of use. Our ultimate goal is to bring people together through technology, and to expand our services to include a physical location for device repair and on-site services."