Services offered

At Tech Talk, we specialize in providing expert tech repair and service for PC, MAC, cell phones, and game consoles. Our most common repairs include virus removal, system optimization for speed, break fix for systems that won't power on, and full wipe and reinstall of operating systems if needed. We can also replace components such as hard drives, power supplies, memory, and video cards, and offer computer gaming builds or upgrades. We can help with network setup, as well as internet troubleshooting, and making sure you are getting the speed you are paying for from your internet provider. I will help with printers, web cams, and any other peripherals you have connected to your system. 

In addition to repairs, we also offer education services for those who want to learn more about their computer or need help using one. We specialize in elder education, and are dedicated to helping seniors feel more comfortable and confident with technology we know it can be frustrating, and scary to some. Including video conferencing or social media usage to keep in touch with family that might not be close enough to see on a regular basis. 

Remote: Over the phone technical support.

Mobile: We will come to you to fix your device.

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